Saturday, May 7, 2011

Perfectly Handcrafted for YOU

As most of us know Starbucks recently changed their logo, removing the text, enlarging their signature "siren" logo and changing the color to all green. This change was welcomed by many customers and had others criticizing the move. Time would tell whether their brand was strong enough to be recognized by global consumers. After the unveiling of their new logo, Starbucks launched a commercial for their Tribute brand coffee honoring this new logo. This commercial reflects the Starbucks brand and the idea that each coffee can be individualized for each customer. Whether someone wants a tall-nonfat Mocha or a Grande extra shot no foam Mocha Cappucino, the process of designing your drink has endless options. This is highlighted in their commercial.

This commercial takes customers from the beginning process of growing coffee all the way to the process of the barista making a specialized drink for "Sue." Do you think showing the "life of a product" can be effective in making something such as a Starbucks Coffee drink more personalized and special? Or do you think showing all the steps Starbucks takes to ensure the highest quality ingredients for each customer doesn't matter to an individual? If you think it isn't effective how do you think Starbucks should advertise for their new Tribute blend? Any opinions on their new logo?


  1. To start off, I really like the Starbucks logo. It's new and refreshing and I think Starbucks needed the change for their brand. As far as the commercial, I think it's cute but a little dramatic in the sense that EVERYTHING was labeled "Sue". However, I do think that showing the life cycle of a product is effective because it allows the customer to personalize with the business. In this case, you are able to see where your coffee beans come from before they end up in your coffee. Kudos to Starbucks for trying something new. =)

  2. I think this advertisement was overall well done. It evokes a sense of personability for viewers that connects them with the production process. That being said, maybe Starbucks should consider applying augmented reality to this clip, I would much prefer the cup to read 'Jimmmy'!

  3. Thank you for your response! I definitely agree I really enjoyed this commercial. For me it really personalized Starbucks coffee through the whole production process. I think that's a really interesting idea Jimmy! The point of using such a "generic" name like Sue was probably so everyone could try to imagine their own name and feel connected and like they were having the same experience.. it could just as easily been a coffee for "Jimmy" or "Kelsey" or anyone!!!