Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deer Mayhem

Allstate Insurance has been running a series of advertisements geared for the "what if" in life. These Mayhem commercials have been marketed towards consumers who seem to forget about the unexpected and be well prepared in the case of an accident. Seeing a seismic shift in the marketing auto insurance has been making toward younger generations, how do you feel about the impact it’s been making? Have these commercials made you second guess what coverage your insurance plan covers?

1 comment:

  1. As TV becomes more of an influence on our daily actions as a population, I feel that these commercials are providing the youth of our generation to rethink auto insurance. The scenarios that a lot of these commercials deal with (the girl driving and texting in the parking lot) are ones that I personally can relate to. After seeing these different situations unfold on the TV and also with the consequences clearly displayed, I realized you need coverage that covers well...pretty much whatever life can throw at you. So in my opinion, these Allstate Insurance commercials execute and clearly get the point across that the more you're cover, the better off you will be.