Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clean gets dirty? The power of Axe

While searching for beauty commercials I stumbled upon Axe. After viewing a variety of their commercials (and peoples 'remakes' of them) I can see that Axe is marketing sex. This isn't all that surprising considering they're beauty products like body wash and hair gel and that they're competing with Old Spice who's man is constantly shirtless. I haven't actually seen their commercials on tv though so I'm curious as to what channels they target, etc.

What do you think? Is sex just an easy go to marketing tactic? Should they get more creative, or is this working for you? Or maybe it's just funny?


  1. A lot of businesses and industries have used sex in their marketing, and I think it does work. It's like they say, sex sells. I think that when companies do use sex in their ads, they have to be careful not to go overboard, for example the banned Axe ads are a little ridiculous lol. I do think Axe does a good job in blending humor and sex, just like the Go Daddy ads, and when companies can do this successfully consumers enjoy the ads and are able to remember the company.

    Great post!

  2. Sex is definitely an easy marketing tactic but I believe Axe has done a good job keeping its advertising creative while still promoting the sex appeal. It is obvious that Axe is targeting a young male demographic and by keeping its ads original, Axe is able to produce commercials that make consumers remember the product when in stores.

  3. In my opinion Axe is being a little distasteful. Old Spice does have a spokesman who is shirtless, but the point of the ad is humor. Axe is only focusing on sex. I don't really enjoy their commercials when they are on. Not due to the sexual nature, but due to the fact they are not funny.