Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Let Go" and Have a Glass of Bubbly

This campaign called "Let Go" launched a few months ago in the United States by Italian company Martini & Rossi, for Asti brand sparkling wine. This ad campaign was the first they have had in ten years. This campaign aims to capture the essence of Italian life and follows a beautiful, stylish young woman through the busy streets of Rome as she carries a large handful of golden balloons. Once she arrives at her final destination, she gives balloons to a few other party quests. The Martini image becomes a party that every viewer wants to be invited to. The cork is popped on the bottle of Asti and then she releases the balloons into the air, as they magically transform into bubbles. The ad is mostly visual and doesn't have any speaking, only music. The theme of the commercial is "Let Go" and captures the Italian lifestyle attempting to make the consumer want to "Let Go" and enjoy the luxurious and Italian way of life as they drink Asti... not only during celebrations such as parties and New Years day, but everyday.

In what ways does this campaign capture the essence of Italian lifestyle that it hopes to portray to the U.S. market? What kind of problems could a brand face when launching an advertising campaign in another country? Can you think of any products that may have had to change their advertising plans for international marketing purposes?

Source: http://www.adweek.com/aw/video/adoftheday_player_page.jsp


  1. Hi Kelsey - I personally love this particular champagne company's ads. I've seen one other ad that portrays the exact same message: this is a classy champagne that classy people drink. It's sophisticated and if you drink this champagne you will be too. I think this campaign aims to bring the class of this beautified, Italian lifestyle to the US market which is more well-known for it's low calorie beers and less dignified drinkers.
    With an international campaign there is always the chance of misinterpretation of message and marketers have to be aware of these cultural differences in order to not risk losing potential customers. Collectivist societies would obviously need to be approached differently on a marketing standpoint then individualist societies like ours in the US. Products highlighting individuality would need to be adapted to differing needs in various markets. In this case, I think the company did a good job bringing the intrigue with the portrayal of this product to our markets. I know it's got me hooked. :)

  2. Thank you for your response Commercial Explorers! I agree.. The ads from Martini & Rossi are great ads and really connect to the image they want to portray as a brand. Good point on ways that international campaigns need to be careful when marketing to other countries. I know many companies have needed to change their names or slogans to reflect international translations. I remember hearing about Pepsi having a particular issue in which they were translating as "We will bring your ancestors back from the dead.." or some variation and this upset the Asian consumers. (I don't blame them!) This commercial on the other hand easily can be played in a variety of markets and be understood and enjoyed by many!!

  3. Nice post. You are right that there is always a risk of misinterpretation with international campaigns. Do you think this ad works well because it does not have much text but images instead? How do you evaluate the use of colors in this ad?