Friday, March 4, 2011

New Windows Phone Ad: Consumer Generated

Microsoft. Windows Phone 7. One of the newest products released from the Redmond, WA software giant. Microsoft has an advertising budget of approximately $500 million dollars set aside for its Windows Phone 7 alone; comprised of television advertisements, billboards, radio, and most predominately the internet. But this video stands out from the rest...can you guess why?

It is 100% consumer generated. The creator of this video Brandon Foy has no relation to Microsoft. He merely created this video for a case study on his own and the response has been extremely positive. People everywhere are begging Microsoft to contact this individual because of the way it showcases the beauty of the product. With the amount of money being set aside for marketing this new Windows product, how do you feel about an exciting new video that has Microsoft rethinking their marketing campaign? The importance of consumer generated advertising is beginning to become a norm in the way we rethink our strategy.

Below is a clip of one of many Windows Phone 7 commercials.

How do you feel about the first video being consumer generated and free, versus the last video which is part of a multi-million dollar campaign? I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and feelings toward this rapidly growing trend of consumer generated marketing. Lets here what you think!


  1. This is a great ad that Microsoft should definitely consider getting the rights to and putting on TV. Brandon Foy is a digital artist with a bright future. While consumer generated marketing can be amazing as this is, companies and products still need to spend money because they can't count on it happening and the ads are not released typically until the product is in the consumers hand so they miss the opportunity to create the "before release" buzz if they were to depend only on consumer generated ads.

  2. I think that consumer generated marketing is great and shows real testimonies of how customers are satisfied with the windows phone. This kind of marketing also aids new customers in becoming more secure with purchasing of a windows seven phone.

  3. I agree with Lori. While some consumer generated videos are great they may not follow the company strategy. We also need to distinguish between randomly created videos that become viral and those like the Doritos ads where consumers participated in a contest. Personally I like the first video much more than the ones by Microsoft. It is exciting whereas I do not "get" the message of Microsoft's ads.