Monday, April 18, 2011

The Magic of the iPad 2

Apple's second generation tablet the iPad 2 has been a hit since its debut in mid-March. What is so intriguing about the product isn't what it can do, but what it represents. The magic, beauty and experience all integrated into one unit emits a type of experience that only Apple can claim. The iPad 2 is a mediocre upgrade to the original iPad, which now boasts front and rear facing cameras, thinner and lighter hardware, as well as a faster processor. But Apple wants you to forget everything about the technological aspect of this device, focusing only on the experience, design, and "magic" it creates.

Apple's marketing is something unmatched by its competitors. What once was a "niche" and elite status symbol now represents millions of people on a global scale. The goal behind Apple's success is it's constant mindset that makes you believe you have something so different, so advanced, yet so delightful it attracts customers and makes them believe they are more than simply the owners of a piece of technology, but the owner of something delightful. Although the iPad 2 boasts the same iOS software as the iPod Touch, despite the larger screen it doesn't seem to be hurting Apple in any way.

Has Apple's marketing had any effect on you as a consumer? What makes Apple's products so delightful to you? I would love to hear your input on how Apple has kept you loyal, happy, or dedicated to their products, as well as any negative experiences you might have had!


  1. I have multiple apple items, I have a mac book pro, an ipod and an ipad. My mother just got the ipad 2 and we love ours. They are incredibly user friendly, easy to navigate and the games are great.

    The only downfall is that the ipad, no matter what generation does not play flash, and it never will.

    The marketing has had some effect, I suppose the commercials make it an incredibly seductive product, as well as its sleek look, lovely chrome, black and white finishes and that little apple logo. Apple has learned how to market their products well and I feel no matter what the economy is, their products will always be on top.

  2. Apple knows how to sell! It was announced today that they made $25 Billion in 3 months. Their products are revolutionary, easy to use and attractive. Was hoping to get an Ipad 2 for my birthday last week but my microsoft husband will not pay for it! I did talk him in to buying Apple stock, maybe we can use the profits to buy their products!

  3. Apple is an amazing case. The iPhone 4 had clearly product issues. I know that the antenna problem has been identified in consumer tests and reported widely in tech magazines in Germany and in the US as well. However, this has not hurt Apple's sales. I find it stunning that here in the US people do not complain Apple's antenna but about the network AT&T.

    Watching the commercial or the iPad 2 I was also a bit surprised how the tone has changed compared to the commercials for the first iPad. It is much less exciting. Seems that we move in a new life cycle, from introduction to growth market for tablets as a product category, and Apple is adjusting it's ad campaign.

  4. Thank you all for the contributions. @Dakota I agree that the iProducts Apple makes have the "cool factor" that contributes to their brand success no matter what shape our economy is in.

    @LEJ - Sorry to hear you won't be getting an iPad 2 :(. Although I agree Apple clearly knows how to sell their products, the hype that surrounds the iPad as "revolutionary" is a psychologically conceived idea. The "tablet" has been around for over a decade, yet Apple chose 2010 perfectly. The technology supported the mixture of hardware and software and they have been very successful up to this point.

    @Sven - Thank you as well for the input. I fully agree that Apple has their fair share of issues, yet with the marketing power they possess it nearly always gets spun into a PR opportunity that benefits them in the long-run, which looking at their product life-cycle, is typically 9-12 months until a new version is debuted. I also couldn't agree more with the amount of spin that gets placed within Apple products. Either people simply get convinced Steve Jobs is always correct, or they purely don't care that a problem exists. Either way you look at it, Apple continues to sell products in the millions.