Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introductory Post

Welcome readers!

We are a group of students at Pacific Lutheran University. This blog is a project for our e-marketing course. Below are brief personal profiles for each blogger.

Holly Dunning
is a senior graphic design student, with a minor in Business Administration. When not designing for 425 and South Sound magazines, Holly enjoys the outdoors, and trying new cooking recipes.

Kelsey Johnston is a junior at PLU, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. She is interested in fashion, cooking, yoga and traveling.

Barrett Stamps is senior at PLU graduating spring 2011. He is majoring in Management and Human Resources. His interests include playing golf and keeping up with computer and mobile device technology.

Jimmy Murphy is a senior majoring in Business Administration and Economics. He has a passion for cars, interest in global economics, and enjoys traveling.

We hope you enjoy our blog and encourage response and discussion!

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  1. Nice introductory post. I like that you introduced both the blog topic as well as each of you as member. Looking forward to reading about your reviews.