Thursday, February 24, 2011

Audi Superbowl Advertisements

Hello readers!

As this the first post of the blog, I'd like to demonstrate the general format we will be using. For this example, I will use the recent advertisements presented by Audi prior to and during Superbowl XLV.

Audi used three commercials to preface the final minute-long clip aired on Superbowl Sunday. The first of these describes characteristics of stereotypical luxury car consumers. The aim of this commercial is to highlight the modern transition from stuffy, fluffy, and overindulgent products to illumination, innovation, and unrivaled inspiration. Audi clearly illustrates that their vehicles set new standards of expectations for the future. Receiving 839,570 views since the initial launch, this is the second most popular clip in this series.

The second commercial appeals to the viewers' humor as stereotypical wealthy characters and their personalities are described. The clip illustrates how the older crowd is attempting to reform the attitudes and behaviors of their younger colleagues in order to prevent them from making similar "mistakes" as they once did. Although not explicitly defined, the advertisement alludes to these mistakes as being purchases of luxury vehicles from competitors. This clip was the lowest viewed of the collection, only reaching a total of 172,759 views. It is also the longest.

Recognized as "the regent of the smoothiverse" by the New York Times, saxophonist Kenny G was employed as a prison riot suppressor in the third clip. Again, Audi has provided a stereotypical example of customer who purchases luxury cars - this time referencing their musical tastes. In the video, Kenny's talent is not to excite or stimulate the prisoners, but to quickly woo them to slumber.

Finally, the commercial that aired during the Superbowl was a culmination of the three prior advertisements. The plot line of a prison break is a creative metaphor to illustrate the escape from "old luxury". Each escapee was presented the option of either new luxury (Audi) or old luxury (Mercedes-Benz). This video received over 1.5 million views within 10 days.

Each of these clips presents an overarching theme that consumers of luxury vehicles are incarcerated in a metaphorical prison of generational stagnation. The final advertisement is the most crucial of the series and ensures viewers understand that there is only one escape route available. In order for these consumers to transition towards innovative products they must purchase an Audi.

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  1. I think Audi gave a hilarious presentation of what a typical luxury car buyer is like and also implanted the image that someone who buys an Audi vs. Mercedes (for example...not judging) is defying those stereotypes. Seriously though, Kenny G? That was pretty amazing!